Free Addiction Advice in South Africa

Dealing with addiction

can be scary and confusing

To both the addict or alcoholic and their loved ones

Emotionally-charged situations can be difficult to handle and the whole family unit needs support and advice. Active addiction can be a painful and difficult time for everyone involved and those in these situations are often desperate for some direction.

It can be difficult to get the answers you need quickly with all the different resources and opinions available on the internet. This is why this resource was created: Here you will find all the advice you need about addiction and recovery in one place – and for free.

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Top advice to families and loved ones

If you are stuck in a cycle of chaos it might seem like there is no end in sight. But there is. Your loved one can recover, but only if they decide to. Often people make this decision after some time in treatment. Other times, they only consider recovery when all other options are exhausted.

It is extremely important to remember these three facts

1. You did not cause your loved one’s addiction

2. You can’t control it and;

3. You can’t cure it

But, are you helping or harming?

Supporting or enabling?

It is very difficult to answer this question. Many families support their addicted loved one financially and give them a place to stay and regular meals etc. But stopping this support is sometimes the best way to leverage your loved one into treatment and/or recovery.

This is a very sensitive subject because you don’t want your loved one to die or be harmed. However, the reality is that they will end up in harm’s way, including putting their lives at risk, if they carry on in active addiction.

Seeking professional guidance as well as joining family support groups can help you identify whether you are helping or harming. These resources can also help you set healthy boundaries as well as enforce them.

Support groups can also be very beneficial in terms of your own recovery and healing: Even if you are not the one with the addiction, you have been severely impacted by the problem and will benefit from support.